Exciting happenings in new year!

I’m incredibly excited and honored to be a 2021 Artist Grant Recipient from the United Arts Council. In the coming months I will be generating play-along courses for young and intermediate players. There the student will be able to follow the music on the screen, adjust the tempo, and watch or play with the music […]

An exciting season ahead!

Hi friends! I’m pleased to say that the performing arts are back in full swing and I have an exciting season ahead. In the 2022-2023 season I will performing in iconic works such as Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess with the NC Opera, and Tchaikowsky’s Sleeping Beauty with the Carolina Ballet. The spring’s lineup will also […]

Live music is back!

Yes, indeed, live music is back! After a long period of time with empty stadiums and empty concert halls, live music is finally starting to come back. I have two outdoor shows this Spring and I hope you can make it to at least one of them. Seasons will be announced soon and more digital […]

Upward and onward!

This fall has been fast and furious .. hard to believe it’s October already. I’m excited to announce my duet book “Back to Basics: a Rudimental Play-Along” is finally ready and in print! You can try to play to a sample – go the link on my Store page! I’ve decided to put the next […]

Upcoming Projects

I am excited to announce I will be offering a new Workout Series this fall! Join me as we chop-out together weekly and dive into some ready-made exercises to push your drumming to the next level.  I will also be publishing a book called, “Back to Basics: A Play-Along Book of Rudimental Duets.”  Stay tuned […]