Digital products from KLS Percussion are made possible through a grant from the United Arts Council and the North Carolina Arts Council.

A series of 8 play-along warmups with Krista hosted on Soundslice. The ability to change the speed of the video to match your playing level is a unique feature of this program. No longer is the video too fast or too slow! The warmups include a built in metronome and ability to loop sections for extra practice.

No music to prepare. Follow along on the screen. Grab your sticks and a pad and dive in!


Back to Basics

Play along with Krista in this interactive book of duets that focus on the basic rudiments of drumming. Purchase options include only downloading a digital option or bundling your digital copy with a physical copy. Click the image for a sample!

Chopping Out

A book of exercises for snare, drumset independence, and mallets geared towards the intermediate student.

Custom made practice pads made with sustainable materials and featuring a gum rubber playing surface. Available in multiple woods and finishes.

What makes them stand out from the rest is the custom snare unit. Adjustable from loose to tight, the player can select the sound by simply turning a dial. Easily remove the entire unit to hear the warmth of the wood alone. See the pad in action!

Choose from a 11″ traditional practice pad to the Shuttle Pad for on-the-go portability. (Video of the Shuttle coming soon!)

To learn more go to the Drum Pad Shop!

Concert Hardware

Concert hardware developed exclusively for Krista as a collaboration between KLS Percussion and Sigma Expert Solutions. Click any of the images to view the pricing table.

Triangle Hanger T1

Custom made triangle hanger to rest easily in the hand and allow for quick access on and off the stand.

Triangle Hanger T2

The same design as the T1, but with resting places for your triangle beaters!

Chime Mallets C1

Well-balanced, and shaped to guarantee the correct playing angle. These make playing the chimes feel as easy as playing any other mallet instrument.

Crash Cymbal Dampener

A custom designed system that uses a standard hi-hat stand to mount a crash cymbal and provide for foot operated dampening. The unique design lets the player have one hand free to play bass drum or other accessory instruments. No more slamming your body into the cymbal to dampen it, this custom system will dampen it for you. Includes a custom clutch and dampening ring/cymbal support.

To purchase concert hardware, or discuss additional products and offerings, contact Krista using the button at the bottom of this page.



Stay warm this winter with a KLS Percussion hoodie.

Cotton Short Sleeve Shirt

New! With the Find Your Beat logo.
Limited Time Only! Now $5!

Cotton Poly T-Shirt

Featuring the KLS Percussion Logo on the front. A soft and stretchy material.

Long Sleeve Sport-Tek

Featuring the KLS Percussion logo on the front. Great for layering and sun protection. Soft to the touch. Sizes run big.


Krista Siachames
KLS Percussion Studios
Raleigh, NC

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