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Live music is back!

Yes, indeed, live music is back! After a long period of time with empty stadiums and empty concert halls, live music is finally starting to come back. I have two outdoor shows this Spring and I hope you can make it to at least one of them. Seasons will be announced soon and more digital products will be on the horizon for KLS Percussion. Also, check out our new cool T-shirts in the Store! Many thanks to Solomon Griffin for her help in the design.

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Exciting happenings in new year!

I’m incredibly excited and honored to be a 2021 Artist Grant Recipient from the United Arts Council.

In the coming months I will be generating play-along courses for young and intermediate players. There the student will be able to follow the music on the screen, adjust the tempo, and watch or play with the music as many times as they’d like. This opportunity will help make percussion more accessible to students outside of the classroom in our new virtual world.

Stay tuned here at KLS Percussion and on social media to learn more as it is being developed. And please contact me directly if you are interested in having your class participate in this program!

Upward and onward!

This fall has been fast and furious .. hard to believe it’s October already. I’m excited to announce my duet book “Back to Basics: a Rudimental Play-Along” is finally ready and in print! You can try to play to a sample – go the link on my Store page!

I’ve decided to put the next Workout Series on hold until it gets too cold to meet students face to face. For now, I’m teaching from the back patio, distanced, in a mask, and loving every minute of the person to person interaction.

I’m also quickly developing some cool, new snare drum pads and triangle hangers. Sign up for my newsletter, follow me on Instagram or Facebook @klspercussion or check out the Store on!

Krista Siachames maintains a small studio of private students. If you would like to schedule an evaluation to be considered for private lessons, please fill out the contact form and Krista will be in touch with you shortly!


Krista Siachames
KLS Percussion Studios
Raleigh, NC

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